• DYN-185 - Aerodux Resorcinol Resin Kit - 1 Gallon Bottle

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    Liquid phenol-resorcinol resin adhesive. A two-part system which provides a waterproof, structural bond.

    Compare to: Hexion RS-240, Hexion G-1131, DAP Resorcinol, CP-0900 Resorcinol

    Pricing includes both resin and catalyst.

    Aerodux 185 liquid phenol-resorcinol resin adhesive mixed with a powder hardener provides a cold-setting weatherproof adhesive especially suited to the manufacture of exterior high hazard structural components as defined in BS 5268 : Part 2. The adhesives are also suited to the production of heat resistant composite structures, e.g., fire-resisting doors.

    Aerodux 185 mixed with powder Hardener HRP.155 meet the requirements of EN 301 - Type 1 and BS 1203 (Type WBP). Aerodux 185 with hardener HRP.155 has been tested according to the German Standard DIN 68 141 by the Otto-Graf-Institut (MPA) in Germany and found to suited for gluing load-bearing wooden structures for indoor and exterior use in accordance with DIN 1052.

    Aerodux 185 with hardener HRP 155 has been tested and meets ASTM D2559 Wet Use.

    Aerodux 185 with HRP 155 hardener, when fully cured, is resistant to acids, weak alkalis, solvents and boiling water. Aerodux 185 is also suitable for bonding a wide range of materials to porous substrates. These materials include:

    • Wood, improved or densified woods, e.g. 'Accoya'.
    • Mineral fibre reinforced boards, brick, concrete, unglazed porcelain.
    • Rigid expanded plastics, e.g., expanded polystyrene, polyurethane and PVC.
    • Industrial and decorative laminates (phenolic resin-based or phenolic resin backed).
    • Leather, cork, linoleum and nylon.

    Aerodux 185 may also be used to bond natural and synthetic rubber (other than silicone rubber) and sheet metals to wood.

    TD Sheet for Aerodux 185 Liquid Resorcinol Resin
    SDS for Aerodux 185 Liquid Resorcinol Resin
    SDS for HRP 155 Hardener Powder

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